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Your training programme consists of three components:

  1. Workplace-Based Assessment (WPBA)

  3. Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

  5. Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA)

Evidence of your WPBA is collected by you in your ePortfolio.  Your exam results are published to your ePortfolio by the RCGP.

Your progress will be assessed every six months by your Educational Supervisor during the Educational Supervisor Review (ESR), and every twelve months by an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panel.  For both of these, the outcome will be based on the evidence collected within your ePortfolio.

Satisfactory completion of your ePortfolio is dependent on all three elements of the MRCGP being undertaken and completed satisfactorily.

Things to remember about WPBA

WPBA requirements can be found on the RCGP website.  Remember – these are minimums.  You’ll also find requirements specifically for ST3 trainees coming up to their final ARCP panel in the downloads box on this page, as well as guidance on the requirements for ST4s.

A list of which colleagues can complete your WPBAs can be found in the ‘Trainee Guide to ePortfolio’ on the ePortfolio page.

Some attachments lend themselves to these assessments more than others.  It is difficult to complete many procedures in Public Health but you still need to meet the minimum requirements.  You should therefore catch up with any assessments missed during a Public Health placement in your next post.

An assessment which has an outcome: ‘needs further development’ is entirely appropriate for most grades and phases of training.  This simply means that you are training to become a GP and still need further development over the course of the three years of the programme.  The overwhelming majority of trainees receive satisfactory outcomes at their Educational Supervisor Reviews.

Annual Review of Competence Progression

The Gold Guide stipulates that each trainee must have an Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panel once a year.  You will not have to attend this unless your Educational Supervisor has requested that you come to interview.  The ARCP panel is made up of four members, three of whom are GPs who are involved in GP training and one of whom is a lay person.

The ARCP panel will review the evidence within your ePortfolio and issue an outcome on the basis of whether or not this evidence demonstrates that you have made satisfactory progress.

Enhanced Form R

It is mandatory requirement that an Enhanced Form R (Part A & B) is completed and submitted via ePortfolio for each ARCP. This process informs the revalidation process. Part A of the form R is emailed to trainees via the operations team, Part B can be downloaded from this Synapse page.

Please ensure the completed and signed (no electronic signature) uploaded form R is both Part A & B and available to be viewed under the certificate and courses section on ePortfolio.