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Communication Skills Resources

"Communicative competence is ‘knowing what to say, to whom, in what circumstances, and how to say it." (Hymes, 1972)

For London's healthcare professionals:

  • Review your communication at work
  • Address your individual learning needs
  • Enhance your relationships with patients, families, carers, and colleagues

Communication Skills Resources offers courses for all healthcare professionals working in multi-cultural London. Programmes offer an intensive learning experience in peer groups and 1-to-1 settings:

  • Specialised communication programmes with personal learning needs reviews
  • Emphasis on reflection and individual tailored feedback
  • Work-based approach to ensure transfer of learning into practice
  • Focus on enhancing cultural awareness, self-awareness, and flexibility
  • Support in identifying and addressing individual linguistic challenges
  • Bespoke and advanced courses for learning and teaching communication in the workplace

Communicating effectively and confidently with patients and other professionals is key to providing an excellent health service and leads to increased professional fulfillment. Patients respond to and are satisfied by healthcare professionals who, by communicating well, help them to understand their health issues clearly. This gives patients confidence in the care they are receiving.

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