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The Douglas Bader Rehabilitation Unit - Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton

The Douglas Bader Rehabilitation Unit - Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton

Training consultant: Dr S Sooriakumaran

The Douglas Bader Rehabilitation Unit has a long established comprehensive facility for management of amputees of national and international reputation. It is a tertiary referral centre with facilities for both inpatient and outpatient care in amputee and prosthetics. The Centre also has on site prosthetics and orthotics workshop, a gait laboratory, a nationally reputed special seating service and access to a large range of on site investigations and specialist input.

The trainee will work with a highly experienced specialist multidisciplinary team comprising members from medical, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, prosthetics, orthotics, clinical psychology, dietetics, social work, rehabilitation engineers and clinical scientists. Experience gained will include:

  • Preamputation and prenatal consultations
  • Early acute rehabilitation (inpatients and outpatients)
    • Assessment of new amputees including prosthetic prescription
    • Prediction of likely level of function
    • Multiprofessional liaison and working with orthopaedic and vascular surgery including joint orthopaedic clinics
    • Multiple amputee assessment and management
    • Complex trauma with amputations
    • Variety of aetiologies – vascular, diabetic, orthopaedic, malignancy, infective, congenital
  • Post acute rehabilitation (inpatients and outpatients)
    • Management of common medical complications in amputees such as phantom pain, residual limb pain, neuromas, skin disorders, wound care, mood disorders, secondary musculoskeletal complications
    • Paediatric amputees and congenital limb deficiency
    • Special amputee clinics for complex cases
    • Osseointegration
    • Assessment and prescription of new prosthetic components/technology
    • Gait analyses in amputees
    • Multidisciplinary team working, leading case conferences, goal setting, discharge planning
  • Orthotics
    • General adult orthotics
    • Paediatric orthotics
    • Diabetic orthotics
    • Neuro-orthotics
  • Gait laboratory analyses (adults and paediatrics)
    • Amputee and prosthetics
    • Neurological disorders
    • Functional electrical stimulation assessment, set up and evaluation
    • Orthotics tuning
    • Cardiorespiratory assessment
  • Special seating service (adults and paediatrics)
    • Posture management and positioning
    • Assessment, prescription and provision of specialized seating
    • Custom made seating techniques and materials

Depending on the post holder’s previous experience, a wide range of optional attachments are also available within St George’s Healthcare Trust and Medical School. Amongst those include geriatric medicine, audiology, and vestibular rehabilitation child development and community paediatrics, the psychiatry of disability, as well as community rehabilitation at the St John’s Therapy Centre run by Wandsworth Primary Care Trust