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Who are we?

Managed by London Deanery, in collaboration with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, we offer the broadest range of training opportunities in the UK to produce exceptional consultants skilled in all aspects of paediatrics.

Our programmes include all specialties covered by the National Grid. We are flexible to meet the needs of generalists and those wishing to develop special expertise as part of general training. Academic training opportunities are available through all the major London universities. We have an excellent success rate in securing higher degrees and subsequent programme grants.

The school has a strong philosophy of trainee involvement. Trainees contributing to the strategic committees within the school can participate in targeted leadership and organisational development programmes.

The London Specialty School of Paediatrics provides the largest paediatrics training programme in the UK, responsible for training more than 900 doctors across London and the south east.

Who is the head?

Disclaimer The views expressed in these clips are individual perspectives and were correct at the time of filming. They should be understood as personal opinions. All information regarding the recruitment process and trainee pathway were correct at the time of filming. The Deanery either owns all images included or has been kindly granted permission for use.

Dr Andrew Long has been appointed Head of the London Specialty School of Paediatrics. This is a joint appointment with the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Andrew is a consultant paediatrician at Great Ormond Street Hospital having previously been paediatrician and  Director of Medical Education in South London Healthcare Trust at the Princess Royal University Hospital in Bromley. He has held a number of roles within the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health including senior roles in the examinations and assessment department. Andrew has a passion for medical education and is committed to ensuring that the School of Paediatrics in London pursues excellence in training and provides the best possible training opportunities.

Our objectives

The primary function of the School is to produce paediatricians who are able to deliver excellent care within the context of an evolving and dynamic service environment. To do this we aim to:

  • produce paediatricians who are sensitive to the needs of children and young people, and who can communicate effectively with children, young people and their families.
  • produce paediatricians who can respond to the changing expectations of the public and the broader NHS, and who are able to continuously develop and adapt their practice to meet future     healthcare needs.
  • produce paediatricians who are adaptable, flexible and are able to work in a variety of settings, across primary, secondary and tertiary care, and with a wide range of healthcare and service providers across the statutory and voluntary sectors.
  • produce paediatricians who understand their leadership role in delivering and developing child and family-centred services.
  • ensure that paediatricians working within - and graduating from - the programme are safe and competent in all settings in which they are required to deliver service.
  • develop tomorrow’s leaders through promoting political awareness, providing innovative leadership development programmes, and targeted training opportunities for trainees showing early interest in a career in medical or educational management.

Paediatric care is founded on a unique triadic interaction between the child, the parent and the clinician.  There are also multi-agency interfaces with both education and social care. The school will ensure a joint approach to training through:

  • embedding lay representation in all relevant committees and subgroups within the school.
  • actively seeking involvement of children and young people in the activities of the school.
  • promoting the skills that are essential to ensure good multidisciplinary, family and multi-agency working skills.
  • involving trainees in the development and running of the school.