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Webinars 2013 to 2014

20 Feb 2014

Webinars are live, interactive seminars delivered over the web.

To help you with your career planning, the Careers Unit is offering a series of webinars, specifically designed for Foundation and Core Medical trainees.

All of these webinars are facilitated by people who specialise in medical careers support and the content has been discussed with Heads of School within London Deanery.

The following webinars are on offer:

(Please note that it is no longer possible to book any further F1 Career MOT: How to Plan Your Career and F2 Succeeding at Specialty Recruitment webinars this year, i.e. until 31 March 2014.

F1 Career MOT: how to plan your career

08/05/2013 - fully booked
21/05/2013 - fully booked
18/06/2013 - fully booked
16/07/2013 - fully booked

F2 Succeeding at Specialty Recruitment, dates:

09/09/2013 - fully booked
23/09/2013 - fully booked
03/10/2013 - fully booked
07/10/2013 - fully booked
16/10/2013 - fully booked
21/10/2013 - fully booked
29/10/2013 - fully booked
07/11/2013 - fully booked

F2 Interview Skills, dates (FOR FY2s PREPARING FOR ST1 APPLICATIONS. FY1s also welcome).

FREE to all Foundation trainees with a LONDON training number

10/12/2013  - fully booked
09/01/2014  - fully booked
21/01/2014  - fully booked
29/01/2014  - fully booked
04/02/2014  - fully booked
13/02/2014  - fully booked
18/02/2014 - fully booked

(For CMT trainees) Preparing for specialty selection at ST3, dates ( DO NOT BOOK THIS IF YOU ARE A FY1/2 TRAINEE).

FREE to all Core Medical Trainees with a LONDON training number

13/01/2014 - fully booked
23/01/2014 - fully booked
06/02/2014 - fully booked
11/02/2014 - fully booked

The webinars are 45 minutes in length, interactive and accessible from a PC or laptop. They are offered in the early evening (from 7:00 to 7:45pm) so you can access them from home.

Certificates of attendance will be provided to attendees of this webinar. These certificates can then be added to attendees’ training portfolios.

Please note that certificates will ONLY be offered to those who stay logged in for the entire duration of the webinar and return feedback forms after the webinar.

Please DO NOT make multiple bookings.  Choose ONE date only for each type of webinar. If you book mutiple dates, you will not get booked onto multiple dates, you will only be booked onto one date.