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Useful Resources & Tools

This section is designed to provide further tools, information and research about cultural competence in the UK and overseas.

  • NHS Education Scotland. Dr Prescott-Clements is currently undertaking research into cultural competence training amongst dentists in Scotland
  • Documents in the downloads box on the right hand side
  • Ethnic Diversity Map
    Cultural Competence needs to be considered within the context of the local population.  To assist with this in relation to ethnicity we have developed a map to ethnic diversity across London overlaid by London NHS providers. Click here to access the ethnic diversity map

External tools and models

Tools (UK based)

  • NHS Flying Start
    Flying Start NHS is the national development programme for all newly qualified nurses, midwives and allied health professionals in NHS Scotland. There is a well put together section on diversity, patient autonomy, legislation and cultural competence with modules for students to complete.
  • Royal College of Nursing
    Information on RCN strategy on diversity and some resources. More available to members.
  • Diversity in Britain, Joseph Rowntree Foundation – A Toolkit for Cross-cultural Co-operation
    Not health specific but a good look at culture and how to maximise benefits from a city perspective.

Tools (Overseas based)